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Ah me and my long in between journals. I'm really not journal update type and it shows. Well time to get back and cast my cent to the wishing pond. I have been in minds of doing some more art project in comic side. The thing is I don't have that many followers expect for those dearly silent watchers in the dark. Hi there *waves to the dark*. So I came up with this somewhat interactive comic idea a while back. Now it's time to test it and if people likes it maybe it will grow into something in one of those days. :)

Idea will be simple faction based warfare in comic that I'm making. I start to update characters from faction and will make follow up post to my journal about how this will play out.
Stay tuned...
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Yup. I'm here. Cleaning my DA.
Damn it's been ages since I last did anything to this page and no wonder. I have been off from major art scene for nearly two years. Friends that I got from this page have grown more distant. Whatever the reasons I haven't been all that true to myself either.

It's funny how the older you get the more you fear to do things. I mean I used to be able to write pages of stories in one go ten years back. Now I can hardly get over first step of planing. Self-doubt and pessimistic attitude are really unsexy qualities, huh. :/

Now that I think back the scene of tournament fights were the things that kept me going in my university lifestyle. Before I planed to get my living by doing art stuff but that's hardly realistic idea anymore. Seeing how things are in real world it's really mindkilling. And I feel like all those artistic people that I used to know have crawled to their own little worlds. Some pressured by everyday jobs others to their own fantasy worlds cutting ties to anything that is too hard to handle or asks effort to maintain.

Needless to say all my projects have more or less failed. I dunno how much longer I will keep drifting about and if I will truly return to this page. The end of school should be coming soon so my life should have totally new change. I wonder where I will wind up next.
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So just to have something else on my journal I decided to do this lil fun thing.

1. Put your MP3 player on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.

"Dawn of a New Day"

"Mother Earth"
.....wut? Sure this world is just cruel interpretation of myself.

"End of the World"
True enough....

"This Moment"
By Disturbed, by the way... fits better than perfectly actually.

"Shot in the dark"
o__O   <(You never expect it...)

"Strong Enough"
Damn... this is really deep.

"As the Future Repeats Today"


This can't be good....

"Sacred Lie"
Couldn't have told it better myself...

"Dark Emotions"
Damn... I think metal will truly take my soul.

"Legacy in a Rhyme"

"Holy Thunderforce" by Rhapsody
I can see it clearly now..... my weddings are furious dance in thunderstorm XD

"Meaning of Life"
You hear it?! My death is answear to it all! Remember to rock my coffin down to grave!!!


"Dear Reflection"
God's they know!!!

"Zombie Inc"
Now everybody knows....

"Dying Sun"
Their death lasts long and it shakes all the world.

"Dream Tomorrow"

Not bad... surely everyone can get some fun moments from this.
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Ok so I'm back from Ropecon and during my stay there the deadline of round.1 has been done and our round is all posted.
Check out my and :iconchima: 's works:

My part:
Chimas part:…
Combined parts:…


Our awesome opponent :iconleftiesrevenge:

Now it's all up to judges to deal with. I'm done and I will now return to good old snes games.
But first ... zz-z_Z-zzzz-z-z-Z_Z_Z-zzz-zzzzz!
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I'm back from Nummirock (Finish metal festivals!) I would thank everyone that joined me on this fine weekend to listen such an awesome metal artists. I must say Before the Dawn, Eluveitie and Turisas rolled some really freaking awesome shows! Got good run for my money ^^

So few months ago I and :iconchima: joined in to :iconartists-at-the-ready: and our audition was success! Thou we still have more to improve.....
AHEM!!! *cough* *cough*
I would like to introduce our clearly talented and honorable opponent miss :iconleftiesrevenge:
You can read her audition from here ->

Her character sheet ->
Ezora ->
Fhadiana ->
Ginerva ->

Good luck!
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Got my old journal hanging around for a while now so I decided to make a new one. I'm not the type to hold the journal as a blogg or update stuff about my life to it. I think it's more for art related stuff.. at least for me.
Well now since my motivation fails since I'm not in any tournament right now my rate of updating the DA is really going down the tracks. So I will give you a chance to inspire me!

There is a character I'm really fond of right now, I made her sometime during last year. Haven't done any updates about her yet so here is the thing.
Give me details of an encounter with few words. Example: Spy in the fishtank. Fall from the sky. Wrong side up.
You can also fill me a quote or extra details if you like (that I will include). I will take the one I'm inspired by and force my character in to that situation trying to come up with a short comic in a week or two.

Multiple suggestions are accepted.

That's it. Dream Out!

Unfinished trades:
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Just decided to change my journal just for a heck of it. Currently I´m kind a stuck until VoI-oct finally gets it´s conclusion. For now I´m playing LoL (Legue of Legends) with my friend Rakholl. And seeing my project plans haven´t progressed much if any I will just sit down and wait for a miracle to happen. My lovely Lady Luck will kiss me on cheek sooner or later.

Nothing really important to say.
So I decided open the journal for conversation. Come and talk about anything. If you are bored enough....

- Dream Out

Unfinished trades:
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Someone suggested that I should make a new journal since old one burns their eyes, I decided do just that. Thou I don´t want to update the usual "I´in tournament and I´m doing this well and still doing this shitty job" and so on (since my journals have been like that ever since 2008?). I think you know what I mean.

Hmm... not much things happens in my life. I still study in university that doesn´t really teach me to become a director that I want to be... need to change school after I finish "kandi" exams. Also taking in count that Finland is in really shitty situation with the film production at the moment. You know the government gives only 2 million for film production every year and our biggest tv show provider YLE doesn´t buy finish productions since they can buy everything cheaper from foreign countries. Also according to people that work on the area tells me that all the documentary and movie providers are falling to bankruptcy. Only way to produce something is either by doing it yourself with your own money or take off and go to somewhere else. Danish produce around 50 films per year, our neighbor Sweaden produces around 20 films and they do are doing rather well on international film business. German and France? Top notch on Europe.
    Mainly what my teacher says is that we in audiovisual media culture try to focus making us great script writers. Well I dunno how well they are doing with that since I haven´t learn almost anything. I do scripts all the time and I´m working them almost daily. The bad stuff is that I can´t find way to produce them at least yet. That´s why I try out full series comic script writing... just would need more people to cover me up in the areas of skills that I´m not able to work on.

So upload a inquire for a possible comic project.
I though to start asking talented artists in field of comic making. So if you know any skilled digital colorist/comic maker / editor / text editor with some spare time for a bit longer project send me example artworks and contact info.
Thank you.

Got to have projects :)

I hope to get my tablet soon during the next two weeks. Then I can start seriously train and move from traditional to digital art 8D

-Dream Out!

Unfinished trades:
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The summer project 606 Dreams present Four of the Kind!

Hmm.. what we get when we mix up :icondreamchronicler: + :icontheeitan: ??? I wonder... you tell me.

Short non- canon story about not three but four dreamkins as they seek out their their maker and master the mysterious being called Dream Chronicler. They have to face obstacles in the harsh land of dream sea and dig deep in to meaning of their own existence.

Prologue: Nexus Born…

Four of the kind part.1
Four of the kind part.2 wait for it.....

Other projects...


BA: Contract of the wicked: status - Freeze until farther notice. No contact from teammate.
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What a pleasant weekend at the cottage with friends... we had some really great quality time with role playing Cthulhutech and then saving the world twice in Arkham Horror...... thou we also lost twice when Azatoth happened to eat he world.... it was great XD

Anyways seems like Milly is back according to her journal here ->…

Seems like we will work the project Contract of the Wicked to it´s end..... at some point...... but don´t expect it to come too early....
Also I´m starting to work the another project now with :icontheeitan: expect update at latest end of next week.
For now nothing else.... I will be back when I have something more to tell or have more meaning to upload journal.

Have a good summer folks.
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Hey you there.

Yeah the week has gone by and I still haven´t heard anything about Milly. I won´t be expecting her to show up for a while so I better focus my mind on something else. I´m confident that my time in BA is over as miss Chima did astonishing work with her comic and portrayed Dretos just perfectly. I can rest at easy knowing that worthy person moves on from my place and I don´t feel bad about it... what I DO feel bad about is that I couldn´t do equal honor to her and the Jack brothers they deserve more.

I think that´s it for tournaments for a while, there isn´t really anything interesting going on that I would like to participate. Maybe in later future but we shall see.

On other news I got a summer job! Now I only need to figure out what to do when I´m not working? I´m still not feeling too confident about my own art skills... I have gained some really good critism thanks to miss Chima. Maybe I start new comic project..... or not.... I still need to find out what I´m interested to do and what would you people like to see....
I´m kind a envy people like Eitan and Milly that can do such a great coloring even my work looks better after they have touched them with those magical hands... makes me wonder does any of my watchers have equal skills in digital colors? Just in cause that I need to team up with someone for future projects or tournament.

For now... that is all. Those that are still worried about Milly I promise to tell you all when she shows up and if she is okay. And we will upload the rest of the comic at some point after she has shown up.

Have a good day.
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Hey folks. Some of you might have been wondering why there hasn´t been any updates. Well I and Milly have been working our hardest and I have done so many pages that I can´t keep count anymore... however we have a problem.

Milly is missing... I haven´t heard of her since thursday.

This means that if she won´t show up before deadline there will be no posts at all.... which leads to consequences X.
I fear we didn´t have enough time to shade whole thing thou we have all flatted... but there is no point posting them if my partner is not involved. Milly also did draw part of the comic so story won´t be complite without her. I also feel that there is no point to go on if I miss my partner... life haven´t been nicest to her and if that is the cause of her disappearing I won´t blame her.

I will keep working and have faith that she will show up and we WILL post the comic.
This note is just a warning for people that are waiting our tournament work.

Keep your hopes high.
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I strongly recommend -> :iconvanityofidols:

We are going to make it! We have to!
Drem-Fox Production is on it´s way!

On story board with inking and line art work we have :icondreamchronicler:

And on the other side on colorist board with angel like skills :iconmilly-fox:

We also want to thank few of our friends that have given their full support on this project.
Thank you!

Tournament: :iconburningavalon:

Audition comic
Cover (by Me):…

Character Sheet:…

Dretos Theme song: Nightwish - Sleepwalker

First Round content.
We are against :iconlancertan: and his character Sono…
You can read his comic from here ->…

Round.1 Human Will
Cover (By Milly-Fox):…

Second Round content.
Battle Theme: Ashes
:iconnighthead: foreited... now his earlier round opponent :iconchima: the Jack brothers artist is asking to take his place and face Dretos. I give her all my support for this. She is worthy opponent that I wanted to face in this tournament. However I will not be making changes to my round I will do it as it was planed since I have already worked it almost to end. So there!
Evan ->…

Round.2 Contract of the Wicked
Cover (Art by wonderful Eitan)…
Page.1 coming soon...

What part in word "inhuman" you don´t understand?!?!
I have done my ranting now and I won´t be talking about it anymore. But I am starting to get pissed off at certain people in this whole tournament thing.... now I need to go and cool off. Have a good day.

DreamFox production.
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Yeah it´s a new year and time for new plans...
Including growing my spine back and get on with the stuff.
There is also something to announce.

It´s time for the new tournament. Experience of the Ascent Original Tournament was a true flame up for me. I met some new nice people and my ratings raised with awesome rates including pageviews. Now I´m turning my eyes toward new grant duels in The Burning Avalon. :iconburningavalon:

However it´s a really demanding tournament and there is no way I can get though since the last one was bad enough for my sanity (I actually over worked myself several times and got migren). So I teamed up with my good friend from other side of the galaxy the one and only :iconmilly-fox: !!!

Together we have formed the ultimate team the Dream-fox production!
I will handle the line-art work and she uses her fine skills to bring the comic panels to life! My friend will back me up with correcting the dialogue. This will be first awesome step for the blessed year 2010! Hell yeah!!!

Team Dream-fox production

:icondreamchronicler: + :iconmilly-fox:

It´s also a freaking time I get my shit together.
School is about to start and knowing what stress it all will be I can only blame my own lazy ass for taking so long with my art trades. It´s time to get them done! At the same time I work on the coming audition and character sheet for our characters.

:iconmilly-fox: working...

:iconancient-sun: working...

:iconafter-you-fall: Done!

Yah drink coffee, listen heavy metal and make out! It will rock your world!
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Hi everyone (I´m not dead)

I just wanted to show that I´m still around. Because of holiday, family stuff and world end apocalypse at the coming of Nyx (which I must stop) I have been unexpected unfortunately with updates. Also I get to use scanner at early next year... :/
But anyways thank you for those of my good friends that joined up the art trade! No more entries is taken for now.

1. :iconmilly-fox: Request theme "snow"
(My request was any piece with name: "Whispers from the darkness" and listen band Unsun -whispers-)
2. :iconancient-sun: Request theme "peaceful"
(He did this wonderful peace for me!!! ->…)
3. :iconafter-you-fall: Request theme "alive"
(My request was another funny fan art from my characters just like this ->…)

Happy new year fellows, gals and guys!
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Times up and time to start the work!
Thank you for you few people that have payed interest for the project ideas, it seems like comic related to my characters Drem Chronicler apprentices... seriously this came with no suprise.

The Clockwork Fable.
I came up with few story ideas during train trip while listening some inspirating melodic music. Out of about ten ideas I found this one meaby one of the strongest one with most interesting features so I´m going to give this a try. I will plan to make more work and more details and train my style for pages and panels and for my art generally. I will start by updating some project character sheets/environment pictures and so on... I need to plan the script well since I don´t want to start hasle. But the updates will start soon! You are all free to comment the work and how you feel about it! Feedback is always appreciated.

Actually I have two projects on right now. The other one is for my friend that bought flying mount in wow for me and I´m in depth to him for at least 10 pages long comic telling of the story of how his character became Death Knight. Personally I have always wanted to try my skills with warcraft comic but I haven´t found enough motivation for it but now I do.... I might open comic comission in future but for starers only for my guild mates. Ofcorse dipending how well or badly this first one comes up.

And next small preview!
Clockwork Fable:

In some place of time.
There is people with clocks as their hearts.
People bound on time.
Bound to life.
Made of clay, wood and steel.
Made and forgotten.
There is no fable....
There is no dream.....
But there can be wish....
Wish bought by fury and hate.

Tale of the Death

Written by my comrade in guild mister…

Artist comment: "Watch list is a lie, seriously!"
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Hello everyone!
After long without any information or note of myself I have finally returned from my slumber to gain your attention!
After Aoct Tournament I have had some nice feedback about my works that have leaded me to think about starting comic project. It´s been around my mind since months now. But I decided that it will be YOU people that decide what I should do! As thanks for kind support I have gained from you all. You deserve it. Just tell in my journal what you would like to see. There is time until 1st of September when I start to script the comic story.

So here is few examples of what I could do.
1) Short one shot comic! (work more of your art style damit!)
2) Short comic about my guild, Horde Honor Guard (never enough Horde!)
3) One shot or intro about Dretos! (We see how badly you can do it)
4) Reveal us the story of Apprentices of Dream Chronicler! (ARGH!!! THE PAIN!!!)
5) You are no were near redy to do anything notable! Go to gain more skills in some tournament! (wait wut?)
6) Go on with your story about Meleens (No one is interested to see you anyways)
7) Buy a bonsai tree
8) [insert text]

And here we go! Will be waiting for your comments!
So the Aoct original tournament is done by my part. Now I and Rockdeadman can finally have our rest. This last battle sure drained all energies from me but I believe that I have progressed in to better direction at least. For this round only I used 100 page of paper and didn´t even use them all. I also suffer tiredness so I will be quet for some time now. Also my right hand sufferet some damage from all the drawing and painting with photoshop.

Pleas give feedback of my work so I can progress training my skills :)

For future I have no idea what to expect. Tough I decided that I will train more my traditional art skills, meaby I start comic or something... but now I will take my time and recover my full strenght! Thank you and good day!
If people are wondering my Aoct stuff will be delayed because of malfunctionin with my laptop Mac. So I will be late... hope not more than a day.
So for interest I would like to hear options from those that have been reading and following Ascent Original Tournament to this point where Dretos and Surge finaly crash up and make roofs burn.
Question that I would like to ask is what people think about Dretos? Come and express what you think of him both good and bad things. Is he totally nutch head? Does he freak you out or is he just imitation of Pinoccio??? Is he savior or destroyer? And so on...

Express yourself ladies and gentlemen.